Travel Stipend

Special Congress Support – Sponsorship of Travel Stipends

In an effort towards enabling individuals from all economic situations to attend the OTWorld 2024 World Congress in Leipzig, Germany, and in recognition that some participants may need financial assistance for travel and accommodation, the congress organiser, Confairmed GmbH, will provide travel stipends.


Applicants must meet the following criteria (please do NOT apply if you do not fulfill all requirements).

1) Be a resident in a "Low Income Country" designated by the World Bank or

2) Be an individual who has a submitted presentation (oral or poster) for the OTWorld 2024 World Congress, and are a resident in a "Lower Middle Income Country" designated by the World Bank .


To apply for a travel stipend sponsorship, please email the following documents to the congress office:

  • cover letter
  • request for a sponsorship of a travel stipend
  • proof of country of residence
  • max. 500 word explanation why the support is needed, what would be achieved through an attendance and how the knowledge gathered during the event will then be applied back home


Submissions must be received by the congress office no later than October 31, 2023.

Each submission will be reviewed and the congress office will confirm the decisions no later than November 30, 2023.

Travel, Accommodation and Visas

All delegates must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Please note that all delegates requiring a visa to enter Germany are recommended to start the visa application process as soon as they receive the confirmation of their travel stipend sponsorship.

More information on visa matters

Please note: The congress organiser has limited resources and will only be able to support a few requests. Individuals who have received a travel stipend by Confairmed GmbH in the past may apply, however need to know that priority will be given to candidates who have not had this privilege in the past.


Sahra Iking
Project Manager, Confairmed GmbH - Gesellschaft für Congressmanagement