Welcome to the special exhibition area OTWorld.first-timers! Discover new products, new themes, new faces in the joint area for first-time exhibitors.

You can meet these companies at OTWorld.first-timers:

Anatomic Studios Sweden AB (Sweden)

Who are we as a company?

We are a Swedish design studio that works to provide choice and self-expression to prosthetic users. Our close team has a unique mix of experience and expertise within design, fashion, 3D-engineering and prosthetics. With 3D-printing, we create fashionable prosthetic covers that are tailored to the user’s personal style, anatomy & existing prosthesis and we offer both a collection of various style categories as well as the possibility for custom-made designs.

Our solution also comes with a user-friendly way to attach, remove, adjust and change between covers - something that has been very appreciated among both our users and collaborating prosthetists.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

"We look forward to OT-World as a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with potential customers and partners from all over the world. We're especially excited to spark conversations about the impact of personalized design on body image, the latest innovations within 3D-printing and digitalization in our field and of course to inspire and be inspired by all the other visitors and exhibitors that will participate in Leipzig this year!" - Emelie Strömshed, Anatomic Studios

B3D s.c. (Poland)

Who are we as a company?

AVE3D HEAL is the world's first 3D scanner, enabling the digitization of the diagnosis process and patient data objectification in orthopedics and physiotherapy. Our invention is patent-pending and uses ONE SHOT technology for real-time, full 3Ddata acquisition of the human body. AVE3D HEAL registers data on movement. Our software and tools give you the opportunity to perform anthropometric measurements afterwards, with the possibility of exporting STL 3D models from each second of the 3Dmovie.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“We are looking forward to the world premiere of our AVE3D HEAL, a 3D scanner for diagnostics and registration of movement in orthopedics and physiotherapy.” - Mateusz Nowakowski, B3D s.c.

BAYOOMED GmbH (Germany)

Cintas Martell, S.L. (Spain)

Who are we as a company?

CINTAS MARTELL, S.L. is a manufacturer of rigid and more specially of ELASTIC textile ribbons for Intimate Apparel (Women's lingerie and Men's underwear...), Technical Textiles (Sportswear, PPE...), Medical Textile (Orthopaedic, Shapewear...), Footwear and Ready-Made industries among many other purposes.

We can offer you a wide range of high quality products from 3 up to 300mm with a great flexibility for a full customization of our items, taking care of the whole process of production (weaving many kinds of material, dying ourselves and being able to apply any kind of finishing).

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

„We wish to expand our export activity as far as medical area is concerned. We believe OTWorld will be the right place to meet." - Sophie Limbour, Cintas Martell, S.L.

DIERS (Germany)

Exxomove UG (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

Die Carbonhand Orthese für schwache Hände - endlich wieder eigenhändig greifen und halten können Carbonhand – Neue Kraft und Ausdauer für schwache Hände.

Die Carbonhand dient als exoskelettaler Handschuh der Greifkraftunterstützung und verhilft schwachen Händen wieder zu mehr Ausdauer und Kraft. Sie wird von Menschen benutzt, die aufgrund einer Krankheit oder Unfalls eine Schwächung der Handkraft erlitten haben.

Bei Interesse kann die Carbonhand auf der OTWORLD getestet werden. Für ein beidhändiges Leben!

Der BATEO Roboter als Assistenzarm - endlich wieder eigenständig greifen, essen, trinken und den Alltag leben BATEO Armroboter - die smarte Art der Armmobilität für mehr Unabhängigkeit.

Der BATEO wurde für Menschen entwickelt, deren Arme und Hände (aufgrund einer neurologischen Erkrankung oder eines hohen Querschnitts) nicht mehr funktionsfähig sind. Er wird an den Rollstuhl montiert und mit der Rollstuhlsteuerung bedient. Der Anwender erlebt eine ungewohnte Art der Selbstständigkeit und Unabhängigkeit. Mittels einer Testversorgung kann der Anwender erkennen, ob der Roboterarm ihm von Nutzen in Beruf und Freizeit sein kann.

Bei Interesse kann der BATEO Roboterarm auf der OTWorld getestet werden. Für ein freieres Leben!

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

„.....viele Gründe auf den Punkt gebracht:

  • weil wir diesmal mit unserer eigenen Firma EXXOMOVE vetreten sind
  • auf den Austausch mit Partnern und die Kontakte mit neuen Kunden - national wie international
  • auf den Flair der Messe, ihrer Innovationen und der Stadt Leipzig

Leipzig ist immer eine OtWorld wert“ - Konstanze Hager, Exxomove UG

Go Assistive Technology (United Kingdom)

Koalaa Ltd (United Kingdom)

Who are we as a company?

Koalaa’s mission is to make prosthetics accessible, comfortable and affordable for anyone on the planet.

We combine holistic support with our award-winning soft prosthetics, which are built like clothing, meaning they are super light and comfortable.

Each Koalaa prosthetic comprises of a patented fabric socket and interchangeable tools that can be swapped in and out, depending on the task the user would like to do. Bike riding, yoga, tennis, playing an instrument and using cutlery all being popular uses.

Available for those with upper body limb differences, aged from 6 months to adults, our range continues to expand and in April 2022, we launched the world’s first early rehab prosthetic arm, which can be used just hours post-surgery.

Koalaa prostheses are available to order via the website with just a few simple measurements. In the UK, they are provided for free to under-18s through an initiative called Project Limitless.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

„Koalaa want to hear the latest news, views and evidence on best practice for prosthetic and orthotic care. We want to meet lots of clinicians and wearers from around the world and introduce them to our unique and innovative solutions. It will be great to spend time chatting to and sharing ideas with clinical and industry thought leaders in prosthetics and orthotics.” - Bryan Roberts, Koalaa Ltd

Indes Medical, S.L. (Spain)

Who are we as a company?

Since 2010, INDESmed has been developing and producing technologically advanced orthopaedic aids of the highest quality and attractive design that enable users to remain active and maintain their quality of life. In 2008, Rafael Vidal survived the Spanair plane crash in Madrid. During his recovery, he had to use crutches, realizing the great need for improvement in this market. An engineer by profession, a non-conformist by vocation, with his team he developed a range of mobility products of unique quality, comfortable and visually appealing. The lightest forearm crutches and canes in the world, which prevent tendinitis and other pains associated with the use of conventional crutches; ultra-light frames and highly manoeuvrable rollators, as well as the only Walker Boot that is adjustable in height and from size 37 to 46; these are all innovations made in Spain that illustrate the revolution carried out by INDESmed in the field of orthopaedics.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

„INDESmed products are absolutely unique. The benefits for users are difficult to communicate without seeing and feeling our walking aids and orthoses live. We are looking for professionals who want to offer their customers the best and most innovative solution for their mobility or rehabilitation problems and are not satisfied with standard products that often lead to reduced mobility and independence, if not discomfort and pain. At OT-World, we hope to find the professional who is looking for an innovative and high-quality product, a product that will improve the lives of their customers. We are looking for reliable and long-term partners at home and abroad with whom we can work together to bring our product closer to the user.” - Gisela Kuhfuß, Indes Medical, S.L.

Metacarpal (United Kingdom)

Who are we as a company?

Metacarpal is a start-up company out of Scotland, UK, that is combining the best of mechanical or body-powered hand prosthetics - speed, strength, durability and intuitive control - with the best of bionics - multi-articulated and aesthetically-pleasing. This is a brand new category of prosthetic hand, acknowledging that bionics may not always be the answer, but that body-powered hooks look primitive while simple single action hands should require much less force to just open and close. Metacarpal is interested in patient outcomes, not technology for technology's sake and is genuinely designing this product - with more to come - with the user as its focus. The hand is fully multi-articulating, conforming to any shaped object it grasps despite being operated by a single cable as normal with body-powered devices. Come see us in Hall 3, at Stand Number F21.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

"This is Metacarpal's chance to showcase four and a half years' of hard work, as a start-up with a brand new product in a brand new category - a multi-articulating mechanical or body-powered prosthetic hand. OT-World is the biggest O & P trade show in the world and we want to use this platform to put Metacarpal in the forefront of professionals' and users' minds from across the globe as well as to get even more feedback that will allow us to further improve the product. We are very excited to be exhibiting!" - Matthew Parkinson, Metacarpal

MYOMO (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

Myomo Europe GmbH ist ein Unternehmen für medizinische Robotik, das Menschen mit neurologischen Erkrankungen und Lähmungen der oberen Extremitäten erweiterte Funktionalität bietet. Die Gesellschaft hat ihren Hauptsitz in Boston, Massachusetts und seine europäische Niederlassung in Göttingen.

Als erste auf dem deutschen Markt erhältliche myoelektrische Orthese für Arm und Hand hilft die MyoPro® Patienten mit Lähmung oder Funktionseinschränkung, ihre Beidhändigkeit zurückzuerlangen und die vorhandene Behinderung weitestgehend auszugleichen. Dank speziell weiterentwickelter EMG-Elektroden, leistungsfähiger Motoren und intuitiver Steuerungssoftware versetzt die Orthese gelähmte obere Extremitäten wieder in Bewegung und ermöglicht das Greifen, Halten und Öffnen der Hand sowie das Anheben und Strecken des Ellenbogens. Zum Einsatz kommt die Technik u. a. bei Patienten mit Funktionsverlust in Arm und Hand infolge eines Schlaganfalls, einer Verletzung des Plexus brachialis oder anderer neurologischer Ursachen. Auch bei Spastiken kann das Orthesen-System Verwendung finden.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

„Auf der OT World trifft die Orthopädie-Technik aus aller Welt zusammen – für mich ist das jedes Mal wie ein großes Klassentreffen. Hier bekommen wir die Möglichkeit, unsere myoelektrische Orthese MyoPro live vorzuführen, Gespräche zu führen, Geschäftsbeziehungen zu pflegen und neue Kontakte zu knüpfen. Zudem können wir in wenigen Tagen viele Fachleute und interessierte Menschen mit unserer Technik in Berührung bringen.“ - John Frijters, Myomo Europe GmbH

NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

NESTRO ist Ihr Partner für gesunde Arbeitsplätze. Wir saugen Staub & Späne an Bearbeitungsmaschinen entsorgungsgerecht ab.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

„Auf der OTWorld können wir unser breites Sortiment für die Absaugung von Staub & Spänen unterschiedlicher Materialien gezielt einem Fachpublikum vorstellen. Wir machen Arbeitsplätze gesünder.“ - Till Uhle, NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH

Prensilia (Italy)

Who are we as a company?

Prensilia is a spin-off company of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa. We develop robotic hands for several fields. We are active in the O&P industry, as we develop Mia Hand. The device is unique as it is the perfect balance between function and ease of control. It allows to perform three main grasps (cylindrical, pinch, lateral) and two gestures (pointing up, pointing down), covering the movements used in 80% of the activities of daily living. It can be controlled by a commonly-available and intuitive two-channel EMG controller. Additionally, the device is the first fully-customizeable multi-articulated hand prosthesis on the market. Rather than hiding her disability with a cosmetic glove, the hand prosthesis offers the users the possibility to express themselves through the device. It is indeed possible to customize colour and texture of the external components, such as the glove, fingers and covers.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

"OT World is a great event, the perfect spot to showcase our new devices. We will be attending the fair to present Mia Hand, a novel multi-articulated myoelectric hand prosthesis. We would love to exploit the event to get in contact with future collaborators that will support the presence of Mia Hand in the European market." - Francesco Clemente, Prensilia

Real Dimensions (South Korea)

Sissel (Germany)

STIL B.V . (Netherlands)

Thorsis Technologies GmbH (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

Thorsis Technologies wurde 1997 in der Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg gegründet und ist als erfolgreiches Technologieunternehmen in den Bereichen Medizintechnik, Industrielle Kommunikation, Automatisierungstechnik und Verkehrstelematik tätig. Im Bereich Medizintechnik fokussiert Thorsis Technologies vor allem auf mobile Gesundheitssysteme. Fachübergreifend kann Thorsis Technologies dabei auf jahrelange wissenschaftliche, technische und praktische Erfahrungen zurückgreifen. Durch eine kontinuierliche Mitarbeit in Forschung und Entwicklung nimmt Thorsis Technologies an der Entstehung und Formulierung entscheidender Technologiestandards teil. Der daraus erwachsende Wissens- und Technologievorsprung wird in Form von hochwertigen Komponenten und Systemlösungen an die Kunden weitergegeben. Alle Produkte werden am Standort Magdeburg gefertigt und geprüft.

TMX Trigger (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

TMX® is the perfect partner when it comes to sustainable regeneration and rehabilitation. We not only offer unique products and tools in these areas, but also provide valuable expertise in the form of in-house training and product training. We think holistically and our portfolio covers the areas of pain, fascia, movement - regeneration, sleep & breathing.

We help you to help yourself! Whether for acute pain, annoying tension, for your regeneration and for better sleep.

Developed from the many years of experience of physiotherapist, osteopath and trigger expert Thomas Marx, our TMX® products help you to counteract pain and tension effectively and sustainably.

We get to the point - trigger yourself with TMX.

VOSS Healthcare (Germany)

YOOme (Germany)

Who are we as a company?

YOOme is the largest group of companies for the development of your medical products in Europe and develops your medical products - holistically and safely.

As a manufacturer, you have access to all services of the entire medical device journey via the YOOme group of companies: brainstorming, conception and requirements engineering, hardware and software development, cybersecurity, validation and verification, design, usability & UX, marketing and maintenance.

YOOme consists of the teams of BAYOOCARE, BAYOOMED, Mechatronic, Puls Produktdesign and UID.

YOOme is your partner for placing on the market in more than 50 countries, MDSAP and ISO 13485 certified and supports you in post-market surveillance and vigilance.

With the healthcare platform MedicalOne Connect, we are revolutionizing connectivity in healthcare by seamlessly uniting medical technologies, healthcare professionals and patients – GDPR compliant, secure and cost-efficient.

Why are we looking forward to OTWorld 2024?

“YOOme is celebrating its premiere at OT World, offering us the opportunity to make valuable contacts in the industry and actively shape the future of orthopaedic technology together with other experts.” - Friederike Harre, BAYOOMED GmbH

Woosam Medical Co., Ltd. (South Korea)