Keynote speeches of OTWorld

Inspiring Highlights: Informative and exciting daily keynote speeches by renowned experts or users will shed light on their particular specialist fields. No other congress events will be held during these 30-minute speeches. After this event, attendees have the opportunity to meet with the presenter to continue the discussion.You can look forward to the following highlights:


Claudio Castellini

Claudio Castellini:

"Co-adaptation: the key to a new generation of assistive robots"

Assistive devices (prostheses, exoskeletons, rehab robots, etc.) are supposed to ease the increasing need for care and rehabilitation of patients with motor disfunctions, but they are still not standard in the clinics. In this talk I will argue that co-adaptation is the key to improve their acceptance and effectiveness: measuring and encouraging reciprocal adaptation of user and robot through intent detection, somatosensory feedback and structured human-robot interaction.

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Ricarda Rehwaldt

Prof. Dr. Ricarda Rehwaldt:

"The combination of creativity and perfection: job satisfaction in medical professions"

Working in the field of medicine means more than just practising a profession. It symbolises the combination of creativity and perfection, driven by the aim of creating individual solutions for people. But does that make you happy? And what exactly is it that makes people happy at work? Prof. Dr Ricarda Rehwaldt has been researching this exciting question for over 15 years. In this lecture format, she provides a little insight into her work and relates how happiness at work functions and what everyone can do to ensure their own happiness. Afterwards, she will be available to answer any questions, no matter how difficult.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Brück

Prof. Thomas Brück:

"Green Carbon Fiber- A sustainable material for high performance applications in medical technology"

The use of sustainable and greenhouse gas neutral, high performance materials is of increasing importance in the orthetic industry. The talk presents a new bio based route for the production of “green” biobased carbon fiber. This high performance lightweight materials can be used in the production of orthesis and represents a drop-in alternative for current production processes using conventional carbon fiber.

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René Schaar (© NDR | Daniela Vagt)

René Schaar:

"Who cares about representation? Disabled people in the media"

In a world where screens shape our understanding of normality, the question remains: How are people with disabilities represented? Which narratives and unconscious thought patterns dominate? It's worth taking a look, because stereotypes in film and TV have real effects in real life.

In his keynote speech, René Schaar will shed light on how disabilities are portrayed in fictional and non-fictional formats in film and television. He scrutinises which roles and characteristics are attributed to people with disabilities and how these stereotypes influence the image of normality and diversity. The certified diversity manager also presents approaches that enable a more realistic and diverse representation of disabilities and discusses how all people can contribute to a more inclusive society. The keynote speech is a call to consciously utilise the power of images and promote a society that values diversity and includes people with disabilities as experts in their own right.

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