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OTWorld 2024: Happiness Researcher Prof Rehwaldt Comes to Leipzig

Next year in May, the largest and leading international industry gathering for modern orthopaedic treatment and care, the OTWorld, promises not only innovative products and technologies but also inspiring insights into the topic of happiness. Prof Ricarda Rehwaldt is a Berlin professor of psychology and renowned happiness researcher. In her keynote address, she will share her knowledge of how happiness can become a feature of our daily professional lives.

Many factors influence our perception of happiness at work including our personal well-being, a productive work environment and the range of opportunities available for professional development. Currently, we are experiencing a shift from an employer-driven to an employee-driven market as a result of skilled labour shortages. Studies are therefore increasingly focusing on the needs of employees.

A representative study by appinio, for example, surveyed a total of 1,044 employees and found that two in three were considering switching jobs to improve their happiness. For Millennials and Gen Z, happiness in the workplace is particularly relevant. 59 per cent of respondents aged between 18 and 24 indicated that they would even be willing to accept a reduction in pay in order to be happier at work. This compares to only 21 per cent of those between the ages of 55 and 65.

What are the factors that influence happiness at work? Prof Ricarda Rehwaldt began her research on this fascinating subject over 15 years ago. In her keynote address at OTWorld 2024, she will offer a brief insight into her extensive research, shed light on what makes people happy at work and suggest how each of us can influence our personal happiness in the workplace.

Perspectives on Happiness

In an exclusive interview with the editors of OTWorld's media partner Verlag Orthopädie.Technik, Prof Rehwaldt provides an advance look at her views on happiness and its significance in our working lives.

The Berlin professor emphasises that the question of personal happiness is not easy to answer. She draws upon her own life experience and describes how she has managed to remain happy despite turbulent times. Rehwaldt makes it clear that personal attitude and individual strategies in dealing with challenges are the key aspects. "My life was pretty stable for 18 years. Recently it has been shaken up a bit but I wouldn't say that I've been less happy as a result. It's all to do with personal attitude and whether you think things just happen to you and you're helpless to do anything about them, or whether you assume that something good can come of those things or they are a challenge that will help you grow and learn."

Prof Rehwaldt is a professor of psychology at the IU International University of Applied Sciences and first trained as a carpenter before pursuing her degree in business communications. An expert in the field of happiness research, she sees tremendous potential for feeling happy in the skilled trades. "I think that the skilled trades, unlike other professions, have great potential for making people happy. As a tradesperson, your work shows visible results and often offers the chance to interact with customers, directly enabling you to see that they're pleased and how much your work has helped them. That's extremely meaningful."

You can read the full interview here (only available in German):


About the Speaker

Prof Dr Ricarda Rehwaldt is a professor of psychology at the IU International University of Applied Sciences and CEO of Felicicon GmbH, an agency that advises managers and executives on practical ways of applying the lessons of positive psychology in their companies. Rehwaldt has spent years studying what makes people happy at work. She regularly holds lectures and keynote addresses on the subject of happiness research.

About OTWorld

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